Based on a "Cool Façade" (VHF), each building can be clad with BIPV modules. For new buildings and renovation work on existing facades are increasingly installed VHF. The BIPV surcharge is amortized after deducting the funding after a few years. Fascinating is the creative facade design. VHF makes it possible to design the facade dressing BIPV combined with stone and sheet metal. 


BIPV modules do not disturb roof landscapes in color and appearance. The sustainable value lies not only in the production of electricity, but also in the longevity of the material. Double glass VSG is safe, withstands the highest loads (snow, wind) and stays for 40 to 50 years. The BIPV module is the primary aquifer and no tiles are needed. If the building authority should explicitly stipulate a roof covering with "Biberschwanz" tails, then we will print the BIPV modules with ceramic paint and given pattern and color.


Translucent BIPV modules serve as privacy screens for balcony balustrades or for shading of atrium constructions. The cell spacing is determined project-specifically. CIGS technology can not be used for these applications.

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